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Neck Pain Specialist

May 01, 2022 54 people Latest news

Neck pain can occur from the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your head. Neck pain symptoms may be mild to severe and may limit your range of motion. However, the biggest problem tends to be people with neck pain that avoid seeking out medical attention to correct the pain. We often assume the tension or discomfort we experience in our neck is temporary, but that’s not always the case. Neck pain may be caused by trauma such as whiplash — a sudden impact causing your head to jerk and thus tearing the muscles and tendons in your neck. People who play contact sports and athletes, in general, are much more prone to neck strain. However, neck pain may also be the result of a neck sprain, which is caused by the tearing of the ligaments in the neck attaching bones to one another. At Dr. Meenakshi Rajput, our neck and spine doctors are skilled specialists that can relieve any aches or soreness in your neck and aid in the treatment that can regain your range of motion. There are many diagnostic tests that can be performed by our neck pain specialist to determine what the cause of the injury is, and the best practice approach for treatment. At Dr. Meenakshi Rajput, our neck pain management doctors and treatment specialists value the importance and sensitivity of your discomfort and will work with you slowly until your 100% healthy again. Make an appointment with one of our Neck Doctor specialists today.

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