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February 16, 2022 94 people Latest news

A doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) is a licensed physician who aims to improve people’s overall health and wellness by treating the whole person, not just a condition or disease they may have. This includes osteopathic manipulative medicine, which involves stretching, massaging, and moving the musculoskeletal system. In all 50 states, DOs, also called osteopaths or osteopathic physicians, are licensed to prescribe medications, perform surgery, and use technological imaging to diagnose and treat illness and injury. Many use hands-on, manual treatments to reduce pain, increase physical mobility, and improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Like a doctor of medicine (MD), a DO must first earn a bachelor’s degree, followed by four years of medical school. In addition to this traditional education, a DO must receive training in manipulative medicine. After graduating from medical school, DOs take a rigorous national licensure exam, which contains the same material as the exam to become an MD. Both kinds of doctors are licensed by state medical examination boards.

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