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Knee Pain Specialist

July 19, 2022 91 people Latest news

The short answer is yes! Whether you are suffering from acute, sporting injuries, or whether you have more long-term pain due to osteoarthritis, physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for knee pain. Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function and are well equipped to help in your recovery. Here at Dr. Meenakshi Rajput, we see many patients with knee pain, and we have fantastic results in getting them back to the activities they love, such as high-level sport, going for long walks or runs, and increasing general mobility! Knee pain is common during growth spurts in children, or with trauma from sport or falls, or it may come on as we age with wear and tear. Knee pain can stem from the muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, or meniscus. It can sometimes also be referred from the hip joint or lower back. Firstly, your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the causes and contributing factors of your knee pain. Your strength, flexibility, and balance will be assessed. We then utilize hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilizations to help relieve any muscle tightness or joint stiffness. We also use ultrasound, heat packs, and TENS for pain relief. These all help to stimulate blood flow to the area to speed up healing, as well as relax the muscles. Taping may also be necessary for short-term relief of your knee pain as you begin your return to sport or activity. We may recommend the use of a knee brace during sport to help offload the structures and provide some extra support. If the cause of your knee pain is more of a structural issue and due to biomechanics, we may also recommend that you wear orthotics to help with your lower limb alignment.

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